Lexi Center


At Lexi, you will experience innovation through our original designs in stationery, catering to all price points, while maintaining a class-apart quality. We consider the pen you hold in your hand as our responsibility, ensuring that words flow swiftly and seamlessly with our best-in-the-industry products.

Our exquisite machinery is imported from Japan, Germany, and Austria, and our factories hold ISO 9001:2015 certification from TUV NORD, Germany. Praise for our honesty and professional financial conduct has remained as constant as our commitment to ethical practices.

As a leading pen manufacturer and pen exporter of ballpoint and Gel pens from India, with more than 5 billion Lexi pens sold, recognition as a global trendsetter in high quality pen design and one of the best stationery pens; your support is a testament to Lexi's leadership in this growing industry.

With expertise in handwriting recognized across 50 countries, you are welcomed to be a part of the future of pen technology. Join us at Lexi and experience the grandeur of tomorrow's writing world. Experience the Lexi Ball Pen and see for yourself how writing becomes a pleasing exploit.