Lexi CSR


One is a winner only when he thinks, "What am I doing for others?"

Many hopes are shattered every year in India because of poor infant mortality rate

Lexi decided to take a stand to rebuild hope for parents. By financially supporting parents of newborns with cyanotic heart disease.

By partnering with world-class hospitals & expert team of doctors,

We facilitated more than 100 successful operations of ‘ Blue Babies ’

Building a support system is beyond saving lives, for us. We are committed to enable change by saving lives and empowering women.

This deep passion has led us to provide nursing education & jobs.

With a fully sponsored 4 year B.Sc nursing course,

For more than 50 underprivileged girls from Kerala and Maharashtra,

We ensure a secured future with stable jobs for the young girls.

Yes, we make enough profits to give back, because we care.

This high success rate is a testimony to Lexi’s commitment towards -

Saving and rebuilding lives for a better World.